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Solar Octagonal Poles
Solar Octagonal Poles are made using different kinds of steel which are rich in various factors. The poles offered by the company are well galvanized that makes them non corrosive in nature and also durable in the long run.
High Mast Lighting Poles
High Mast Lighting Poles stand tall with the top comforted with lights directing towards the bottom. These poles are used at the sites to scatter the light in wide and large areas. Durability of these poles is major factor that adds to their popularity among the other competitive poles.
Flag Mast Poles
Flag Mast Poles are tall with strong base and comparatively pointed top that tends to host the flags. The robust structure and galvanized feature of the pole helps the product have longer shell life.
Polygonal Poles
Polygonal Poles are seen in the areas such as intercity highways, streets and roads where illumination is required the most. The height of these poles may vary based upon the requirement of the user. 
Electrical Poles
Galvanized steel and mild steel made Electrical Poles with round shape are appreciated for their longevity and weather proof design. The submerged arc welding or Co2 welding method is followed to develop the structure of these poles. Flange or insert equipped joining part, necessary wall thickness level, high tensile strength, good wind blow resistance capacity and accessibility in different height options are some of their unique features.
Street Light Poles
Standard grade mild steel or galvanized iron made Street Light Poles with round type design are preferred for their exceptional durability and long functional life. Accessible in different height, thickness and diameter options, the surface of these poles is treated with electrostatic spray to improve their weather resistance capacity. Utilization of flanged type joining part and trouble free fixing method are some of the main attributes of these light poles.
Signal Poles
Signal Poles comprises of aluminum that is rust proof and ultimately adds to the life span of these poles. These poles stand at the height of 8 feet to ease the visibility of the indicating light seven from a distance.
Camera Poles
Camera Poles are basically provided with the appealing range of 16 sided in order to minimize the oscillation effect of blowing pressure of wind on the pole. These are often found in streets at intersections.
Decorative Lighting Poles
Made of superior grade ductile iron, grey iron, galvanized iron and steel, the offered Decorative Poles are utilized for street or garden light as well as surveillance camera installation purpose. Advanced precision casting or die casting or sand casting method is adopted for their fabrication. The surface of these poles is treated with powder coating or hot dip galvanized treatment to extend their functional life by avoiding rust formation on these.
Solar Street Light Pole
Made of standard grade die cast aluminum and fiberglass, the Solar Street Light Poles with single arm and double arm design is preferred for their weather proof structure.  Due to their rust and UV proof design, these light poles are perfect for various industrial and coastal area utilization purpose. Exceptional strength, maintenance free quality, ease of installation and good insulation capacity are some key attributes of these poles.
Octagonal Poles
Octagonal Poles are made from superior quality of carbon steel and galvanized from both externally and internally. These poles have maximum height of 12m with the diameter of 200m and are used in highways, parks, gardens, streets as lighting poles.

We mainly deal in North Indian region like UP(Uttar Pradesh), Delhi/NCR, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand,  Punjab and many more.